How Can We Celebrate World Smile Day 2022?

How Can We Celebrate World Smile Day 2022?

October 11, 2022

A smile is a beautiful impression that serves as a greeting and encourages people. It has no geographic, political, or cultural boundaries. If you begin your day with the perfect smile on your face till it ends, it offers many health advantages. Smiling boosts mood and fills your entire day with positivity. World smile day spreads goodwill all over the world.

What is National World Smile Day?

October 7 is International Smile Day 2022. It is devoted to the act of kindness and smiles. This day was celebrated first in 1999.

What is the Motive of World Smile Day?

The main motto of World Smile Day is to motivate individuals to act kindly and make others smile.

How Can You Celebrate International Smile Day?

Below are the World Smile Day activities which you can consider on this special day:

1. Spread Some Happiness Among Others

Make people around you smile. You can do this by telling a funny joke, handing out smiley face stickers to everyone you come across, etc. Bringing a beautiful smile to others will load your heart with happiness. Laughter also creates a positive vibe and a great effect on everyone. As you know, being happy is essential for optimal health. Therefore, it will also keep your heart healthy.

2. Help the Needy People

Give the most and things to the needy and poor kids. It will help you forget all of your stress and give you happiness. You can also spread some cheer by spending a good time with them.

3. Contact Different Schools

Another excellent way to spread smiles to others is to reach out to different schools in your area. You can request them to launch interesting art and drawing competitions on the topic of world smile day.

4. Create a Smiley Playlist

Another great way to celebrate world smile day is by playing smile songs and dancing around for no reason. It will raise a smile and boost your mood.

5. Send Lovely Messages to PeopleĀ 

Send smile eCards or cards to strangers and even your close ones. It will make them feel happier and even inspire you.

6. Surprise Someone in Your Family

You can also celebrate the day by surprising someone in your family. For example, cook a special meal for them, plan an adventure trip, etc.

7. Small Gestures Can Brighten the Day of a Person

By doing random acts of kindness, you can spread positive energy with the chain of love. For example, you can plant a tree, compliment a colleague to your boss, tell a friend about what you love about their kids, bring a coffee to a stranger, etc.

8. Reach Out to Daily Wage Workers

You can contact daily wage workers on international smile day and request the boss to conduct fun games. Doing this would put a smile on their face and help them relax.

9. Launch an Event That Help Others Share Their Thoughts

One of the excellent ways to celebrate World Smile Day is to conduct an event where the majority of individuals can share their experiences and learn from each other. This will inculcate positive thoughts in them and allow them to handle complex situations easily with an ideal smile.

10. Visit a Hospital or Nursing Home

For good deeds and smiles, you can visit a nursing home or hospital. There are tiny things that you can do to spread happiness.

11. Become a World Smile Day Ambassador

If you are truly ambitious about caring for others, you can visit the world smile day site and learn how to become an ambassador. World Smile Day ambassador fixes events at the park, school, local businesses, and online to help spread joy all across the globe.

12. Include a Dental Hygiene LessonĀ 

Teach and educate kids about oral care definition and what dental procedures can help them bring healthy and gorgeous smiles. If you do not want to teach on your own, take the help of a dental hygienist or the dentist near you.

13. Visit a Non-Profit Organization

Donate to a non-profit organization near you or spend time there. It is one of the best ways to celebrate this special day.

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