Dental Implants

Though it’s a common problem, losing a permanent tooth can be debilitating in many ways. Missing one or more teeth can affect how your mouth functions as well as your self-esteem. One permanent restorative procedure for tooth loss is dental implants in Redding, CA. If you have suffered tooth loss due to decay, injury, or periodontal disease, implants may be the answer for you.

Dental implants are designed to create replacements for tooth roots. These new roots provide a foundation for teeth that are designed to replace your natural ones. Riverbend Family Dental Care offers this restorative procedure with our dentist near you.


Compared to other restorative procedures, the process for dental implants is considered complex. However, the results are long-term and can significantly improve a patient’s oral health. With proper oral care, dental implants in Redding, CA, can be a permanent answer to tooth loss. Implants restore the appearance of your smile, as well as oral functions in terms of eating and even speaking.

Dental implants feature a small titanium post that operates as a new tooth root. Dr. Stratton implants this post in the bone of the socket with the missing tooth. During healing, the jawbone grows around the implanted post and anchors it.

Once the implant post is in place, our dentist in Redding, CA, will make impressions of your teeth to create a model of your bite. Based on this model, a new tooth is attached to a connector post, which is then attached to the implanted post already anchored in the jaw. The color of the replacement tooth is matched to your natural teeth so that the implant appears, feels, and functions like your original tooth.


Dental implants function the same as natural teeth would before tooth loss. Since they are designed to be permanent, this improves the quality of oral function while enhancing your appearance. Here are some additional benefits of dental implants with Dr. Stratton:

  • Oral comfort
  • Improved ability to eat and chew
  • Long-term oral health as other teeth are left intact
  • Durability

As a restorative tooth loss procedure, dental implants offer significant benefits. Losing one or more permanent teeth can be stressful and uncomfortable. This condition can also significantly affect a person’s self-esteem. Contact Riverbend Family Dental Care for information about dental implants near you and other restorative procedures.

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