Sedation Dentistry

Do you experience dental anxiety at the mere thought of visiting your dentist in Redding, CA, for a routine dental exam or professional tooth cleaning appointment? If you answered “yes,” and think that you may require a procedure beyond those mentioned, our dentist near you has the answer you’ve been looking for: sedation dentistry.

Riverbend Family Dental Care has several options for sedation dentistry near you including oral sedation. If you’re looking for a particular type of sedation for your needs, please call our office to speak to a member of our dental care team to learn if it’s offered by our dentist.

Also, if you want to try some techniques that you can use without the need for sedation dentistry near you, we hope the following provides the information you need to book your appointment to receive premier preventive, general, restorative, or cosmetic care with our gentle and compassionate dentist.

Tips for Relaxing — Plus an Added Tip

It’s been scientifically proven that meditation can alter your brain’s ability to react to pain and stress. Most people use meditation as a way to deal with the stress in their daily lives, but it can also be used to ease anxiety about dental appointments.

Along the same line, deep breathing techniques – sometimes called controlled breathing — slows your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and helps to relax muscles. There’s a reason that breathing techniques are used in labor and delivery rooms across the country: They work!

And here’s an added tip. Our dental care team understands how even the bravest individual can get sidetracked by dental anxiety. That’s why we’re committed to compassionate and gentle dentistry during every patient visit!

Find the Comfort You’re Looking for at Riverbend Family Dental Care

Whether you’re looking for sedation dentistry in Redding, CA, to receive the treatment you need to stop a toothache, or you’re trying to locate sedation dentistry near you to schedule general, restorative, or cosmetic dental procedures, we invite you to call us to learn how we can help! We also offer a convenient online booking tool to make your appointment to receive the dental care you need in a nurturing, caring environment.

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