Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are designed to protect damaged and vulnerable teeth. In addition, as part of dental restoration, crowns can improve the function of teeth in the mouth. Many people associate dental crowns with covering teeth that are too damaged by cavities to be repaired with just a filling. Yet crowns can also provide cosmetic improvements to your smile.

Crowns are one of the most common and versatile dental procedures available. They are designed to look natural and function just as healthy original teeth would in the mouth. If you have a tooth that has suffered significant damage due to decay or other factors, dental crowns near you may be the solution to prevent the damage from worsening. Riverbend Family Dental Care offers crowns and other cosmetic dental procedures with our dentist in Redding, CA.


Many patients with damaged teeth benefit from improved ability to chew due to crowns designed by Dr. Stratton. Crowns can also enhance the appearance of damaged teeth and protect against further damage. Since a crown covers almost the entirety of the tooth, our dentist near you crafts it to look and perform as naturally as possible.


Dental crowns provide many benefits for overall oral health. The most common application of a tooth crown near you is for a cavity that is too large to be treated with a traditional filling. When it comes to severe tooth decay, Dr. Stratton will remove the decayed material from the affected tooth before crafting the tooth crown. In some cases, procedures to build up the tooth may be necessary before the crown is placed.

Dental crowns can also benefit patients with:

  • Teeth that are extremely worn down
  • Teeth that have weakened
  • Cracked teeth
  • Teeth that have discolored
  • Follow-up to root canal
  • Part of a dental bridge procedure

The result of dental crowns in Redding, CA is the restoration of teeth that have suffered significant damage and/or decay or teeth in need of cosmetic enhancement. With careful oral care and attention, this cosmetic and protective dental procedure can last many years. Contact Riverbend Family Dental Care for information about dental crowns near you and other cosmetic procedures.

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