When Does a Tooth Extraction Become Necessary?

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When Does a Tooth Extraction Become Necessary?

March 1, 2021

Many adults must have their permanent teeth removed for various reasons. Adults may have a tooth damaged in an accident or when playing sports and may not want to wait for some time for their dentist to restore the tooth. Their urgency makes a tooth extraction procedure appropriate for their needs. Dentists make efforts to restore the tooth using dental bonding, dental veneers, or dental crowns. However, if the patient cannot wait for the restoration, the only option available is to recommend a tooth extraction.

If you have a severe dental infection, the optimal option for you would be to visit Riverbend family dental right away. If the disease has spread, you experience intense discomfort making it challenging for you to bite down, chew, or even get involved in everyday activities. Dentists recommend visiting them when you begin experiencing a toothache to enable them to treat the infection before it aggravates into a severe condition. However, if you delay acting promptly and now experience severe pain, you benefit from tooth removal because it helps to get rid of the infection quickly.

Tooth removal is never an ideal option but helps to eliminate the source of the problem in many cases. Read about why you may need tooth extractions and the situations when they are considered inevitable.



You Cannot Spend Significantly on Restoring the Tooth

The dentist in Redding, CA, accepts most insurance plans and is willing to discuss different payment options with you. However, they realize that restorative dental work costs are excessive and not similar to teeth whitening. If you need to undergo a root canal procedure to eliminate infection within the tooth and restore it with a dental crown, you may find the charges significant. If your current circumstances do not allow you to undergo the treatment, you may have to consider the dentist’s recommendation for a tooth removal.

Losing a tooth to infection shouldn’t scare you because leaving the tooth in your mouth allows the disease to spread to other parts of your body. You can always replace the tooth later on when you have the funds available for the replacement. The action by the dentist will address the immediate problem of removing the infection from your mouth.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When children begin developing wisdom teeth, parents enquire with dentists when wisdom tooth extraction is necessary. Many dentists don’t recommend extracting the third molars if they have sufficient room in the mouth for them and are emerging straight. However, the suggestion may not be appropriate for many people who report to the dentist’s office complaining about pain in their wisdom teeth.

Pain in the third molars and occur when they emerge impacted or grow at an angle because of insufficient space. Wisdom teeth push the other teeth forward when emerging, causing discomfort in teenagers, especially if they have braces on their teeth. As the wisdom tooth emerges sideways or impacted, it creates space to trap food and cause infections in the mouth. Wisdom teeth pose a health risk, and when dentists observe the problem, they recommend a wisdom tooth extraction.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Visible teeth are extracted in a straightforward process where the dentist grasps the tooth with elevators, wiggles it, and gently pulls it out. They don’t do it without ensuring you are entirely comfortable by giving you local anesthesia. They place gauze over the extraction site to prevent bleeding.

Extracting an impacted tooth requires a surgical process that is rather complicated. The oral surgeon must cut the gum tissue surrounding the tooth to gain access to the tooth before it is removed. In some cases, the tooth is broken into pieces before extraction. You receive more potent anesthesia for the surgical procedure because you may also require sutures in the extraction site. As usual, gauze is placed over the area to prevent bleeding.

The Redding dentist advises patients they may experience soreness for several days besides swelling on their cheeks. They recommend or prescribe painkillers to help patients overcome their discomfort. Patients can also use an ice pack on their cheeks to reduce swelling. After scheduling a tooth extraction procedure, patients must prepare for the same by purchasing plenty of yogurts, applesauce, or Jell-O to have after the tooth removal process. They must try to have soft foods that are easy to swallow without chewing. Patients can include their regular diet with their foods after the extraction site has healed entirely.

Besides infections and wisdom teeth, tooth removals also become necessary if patients have overcrowded teeth and must have braces to straighten their dentition. Tooth removals are not pleasant, but if recommended by the dentist for any reason, patients can rest assured the benefits of the removal outweigh the risks.

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