TMJ Treatment

Do you suffer from pain or soreness in the jaw when you chew, yawn, or laugh? TMJ stands for ‘Temporomandibular Joint’ and refers to the joints in the jaw located on both sides of the face.

Why Are TMJ Muscles Important?

TMJ muscles connect the cheekbones to the jaw and play a vital role in helping us chew, speak, and alter our facial expressions. They consist of a set of ligaments, muscles, and jawbone and are responsible for helping us open and close the mouth. TMJ muscles also control the forward, backward, and side-to-side movement of the jaw.

Any misalignment or problem in the TMJ muscles, ligaments, or discs can cause soreness and pain. TMJ disorders can be caused due to jaw dislocation, misalignment of teeth, arthritis, injury, or genetics. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Stratton, will first evaluate the oral cavity and jaw muscles before determining the best mode of treatment.

TMJ Disorders and Symptoms

Patients may experience TMJ disorder symptoms on one side of the jaw or both. The condition may be temporary or turn into a lifelong problem in the absence of treatment.

Common TMJ symptoms could include:

  • Tenderness, pain, or soreness around the jaw, especially when trying to open or close your jaw; the pain may radiate to the shoulders.
  • The jaw becomes locked in a particular position.
  • You can hear clicking, grating, or popping sounds when moving the jaw.
  • Headaches, pain in the facial area, swelling, and ear pain.

Our skilled dentist in Redding, CA, provides a range of reliable TMJ treatments near you. Please contact Riverbend Family Dental Care for an appointment today.

How Can TMJ Disorders Be Treated?

Dr. Stratton may take x-rays or CT scans to provide detailed images of the TMJ muscles and bone.

Conservative treatments could include:

  • Pain-relievers, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Physical exercises or ultrasound therapy to stretch and strengthen the jaw muscles

Arthroscopy procedures involve surgical jaw alignment of the jaw muscles. Please contact Riverbend Family Dental Care to learn more about effective TMJ treatment in Redding, CA.

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