General Dentistry and Its Services Explained

General Dentistry and Its Services Explained

December 1, 2022

If you are due for your routine dental exam, the chances are high for you to look for a general dentist near me instead of scheduling appointments with various specialists in dentistry where you find it difficult and expensive to receive routine procedures. General dentists are not inferior professionals because they have graduated from dental school but have begun practicing soon after graduation without spending additional time or money specializing in specific subjects. These professionals help with fillings, scaling and polishing, tooth extractions, and prosthetics if you have missing teeth.

The (ADA) American Dental Association suggests you visit your dentist at six monthly intervals to ensure appropriate dental hygiene and functionality of your teeth and mouth. Frequent checkups and maintenance of oral health help prevent the development of severe dental problems needing expensive treatments. This article sheds information on what general dentistry means. Kindly continuing reading for more details.

What Is a General Dentist Practitioner?

The definition of general dentistry includes evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the oral cavity, besides maintaining the functionality and appearance of the teeth. In addition, several oral conditions and abnormalities indicate other diseases. In such cases, general dentists might refer patients to their healthcare physicians or specialists for further evaluation and treatment.

Besides performing routine oral cavity exams, general dentists can also diagnose disorders of the maxillofacial area and the neighboring structures by identifying their impact on the human body. In addition, general dentists create a personalized dental hygiene plan incorporating dental examinations, teeth cleaning, tooth scaling if required, and x-rays using diagnostic equipment to prevent, identify, or treat oral health problems before they aggravate.

What are the most Common Procedures Managed by a General Dentist?

General dentistry services cover an extensive range of procedures, including initial consultation and diagnosis, x-rays, CT scans, and making mouth molds for teeth replacements. The general dentist utilizes various methods like tests, x-rays, et cetera to determine what’s wrong with the teeth before providing any treatment.

General dentistry services include factors vital for your continued health, including:

  • Preventive Services: preventive care helps patients maintain good oral health by inhibiting diseases before they start in the mouth. Regular exams and professional teeth cleanings are crucial for prevention. General dentists provide comprehensive instructions on improving at-home oral hygiene routine and might also suggest treatments like dental sealants if required. The dentist recommends patients leading an active lifestyle customized mouthguards to prevent injuries to their mouth and teeth.
  • Restorative Services: When general dentists identify a problem, they ensure they provide timely treatment, especially when they discover tooth decay. They suggest removing it and placing a dental filling in the affected tooth. In addition, general dentists also provide emergency services to repair a broken, knocked-out tooth or a loosened tooth. These professionals also help diagnose and treat the causes of tooth pain, periodontal disease, et cetera, while providing therapies for missing or damaged teeth with dental bridges or dentures. General dentistry in Redding, CA, can also offer advanced treatments like endodontic therapy, orthodontic services, and dental implants.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: general dentists can also help patients achieve a beautiful smile with various cosmetic therapies. The treatments include teeth whitening, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and clear aligner treatment to straighten teeth. Patients searching for a beautiful smile can request their general dentist for a smile makeover which the professional provides happily.
  • Overall Health Conditions: A patient’s oral health reflects their overall health. Some dental problems indicate issues with other parts of the body. For example, untreated oral infections can result in poorly managed diabetes and increased vulnerability to cardiovascular disease and pregnancy complications. General dentists receive training to identify these problems to offer appropriate treatment or a referral as and when needed. Of particular concern is obstructive sleep apnea, a severe sleep-related disorder dentists help treat with oral appliances pioneered by them. In addition, the professionals can also offer advice on nutritional counseling, tobacco cessation, general health, and wellness information.

General dentists are professionals treating patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, focusing on problems specific to the teeth and mouth. In addition, they continue receiving ongoing education in advanced procedures, making themselves appropriate professionals to meet whenever patients have issues with their mouth or teeth needing immediate treatment from dental professionals.

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