Essential of General Dentistry for All The Family

Essential of General Dentistry for All The Family

June 1, 2021

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the evaluation of a person’s oral cavity, diagnosing, preventing, treating any disease that might be affecting the oral cavity.

A general dentist in Redding performs all of these functions. The ultimate goal of a general dentist is to prevent tooth-related diseases or treat you if you already have one. General dentists are the most common kinds of dentists that you will find. A general dentist is the same as a family dentist in Redding, CA. They make up about 80percent of all dentist which the remaining 20percent are dentist who specializes in one aspect of the oral cavity.

At Riverbend Family dental, you can find a qualified and experienced general dentist that can act as your family dentist in Redding. If you regularly visit a general dentist in Redding, you will have a higher chance of not getting any tooth disease. Your regular visits will be for diagnosis and prevention. If you do not visit a dentist, a tooth condition can escalate and you will not notice until it gets very bad and you will need to treat it. At this point, you might be experiencing pains that can make you inefficient at home, work, or school. It will also cost you more to treat a tooth problem than it will cost to go in for a check-up.

A general dentist can provide dental service to anyone irrespective of the person’s ages as long as the person has an oral cavity this is why one general dentist is recommended for a family. If you have a dentist when you are little, the dentist will be aware of your dental history and it will be easier to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease. If you notice any problem with your teeth or you were unable to sleep throughout the night because of teeth pain, it is very understandable to say to yourself “I am visiting a dentist near me as soon as possible”.

When you visit a dentist, the dentist will thoroughly check your mouth for anything that is not in place. The dentist will also help you clean your teeth which can make you feel better. Before you leave, the dentist will also engage you in a discussion to enlighten you on ways that you should take care of your teeth to prevent any disease.

Services of a General Dentist

As mentioned earlier, general dentists make up about an 80percent of the total number of dentists in America. The other 20percent are into a special part of dentistry. The 80percent provide a wide range of services to people. These services are;

Preventive Service: Preventive services help you to stay away from habits that can cause any disease. To perform preventive services, you have to regularly go to the dentist’s office for diagnosis. If the dentist notices anything that is out of the ordinary, the dentist will let you know. If you need to stop something that you have been doing or you need to start doing something else, you will be told after the diagnosis. If there is a need to take prevention drugs, the dentist will also prescribe them so you can get them at a pharmacy.

Treatment Services: If during a preventive service, a problem is detected, the dentist will immediately begin procedures to help you solve that problem. Most of the time, tooth decay and tooth filling are the most common that general dentists have to solve. However, they are not the only dental problems that exist. A general dentist can also help you fix a denture or a crown. When you have a problem that requires the service of a specialist, a general dentist will refer you to the best specialist available.

Cosmetic Services: These are a set of services that are all done to improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile. They involve teeth whitening, teeth bonding, orthodontics, etc.

Overall Services: General dentist can also help you trace some of your poor health conditions to a problem in your oral cavity. Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a dental problem can result in different health conditions.

Unless you have a medical condition that you are treating, you should visit your dentist once in six months for preventive services. If you notice anything with your teeth, visit a dentist as soon as you can.